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30 Best Spanish and Latinx Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist ASAP

Listen, laugh and learn for free whether you're a beginner or grew up speaking the language.

hispanic heritage month
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If you love listening to podcasts and haven't delved into Spanish-language and Latinx-focused ones, you're missing out. During Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond, there are a ton of great Spanish and Latinx podcasts to explore with the family or solo.

We're huge fans of podcasts here at Good Housekeeping for a few reasons. But the biggest is that they are easy to access and can be listened to anytime and anywhere, mostly for free. You can opt for a podcast as a pre-bedtime routine instead of the usual books. There's no setup and no cleanup — you can dive in whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Also, whatever genre you prefer — funny, historic, etc. — podcasts are a great and relaxing way to learn something new, like the Spanish language or more about Latinx culture.

Start with these 15 podcasts, and you'll pick up a little Spanish, hear important stories and news about the Latinx community, or even enrich your bilingual kids' vocabularies.

mejor vete, cristina podcast logo
Univision Noticias
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Mejor Vete, Cristina

Follow the life of undocumented Mexican chef, Cristina Martinez, whose Philadelphia-based barbacoa restaurant is now recognized among America’s 10 best.

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la biblioteca de alejandria podcast
audible originals
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La Biblioteca de Alejandría

If you like things a little on the unusual side, give this podcast a listen. The hosts go into deep dives on the history and purported science behind oddities and strange phenomena.

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podcast hosts for explicador
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As the Spanish title suggests, this podcast strives to explain to listeners complicated news stories from today’s headlines. It covers a wide variety of topics from environmentalism to medicine.

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democracy now podcast logo
Democracy Now
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Democracy Now en Español

This is the podcast version of the Spanish news program with the same name. It covers things like human rights issues and other topics that are critically underreported.

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altlatino podcast logo
NPR Network
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While this is an American podcast from National Public Radio, all the songs that are featured are in Spanish. Most artist interviews are also in Spanish and then translated. Join hosts as they discuss new music and the history and culture of the countries they come from.

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cafe del sur podcast logo
radio 3
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Cafe del Sur

If you like ballroom dancing, specifically the tango, follow this podcast for a deep dive into the history of Latin dance and music. It features interviews, narratives, and of course, lots of music.

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carne cruda podcast logo
Carne Cruda
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Carne Cruda

Host Javier Gallego covers current culture and politics through interviews and opinion pieces in this podcast from Spain.

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universo paralelo podcast logo
Universo Paralelo
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Universo Paralelo

Every Friday, Universo Paralelo covers a different science-based topic. Think astronomy, physics, psychology and more. Also covered are science-based news headlines which are discussed in depth like the math behind electoral systems or fracking.

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ted en espanol podcast logo
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TED en Español

This Spanish-language version of the American-based TED Talks is great for discovering different accents as speakers come from all of Latin America and beyond.

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la redada podcast logo
La Redada
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La Redada

If you like pop culture, why not give it a listen in Spanish? The episodes are short and sweet at just 15 minutes each but pack a lot of fun pop tidbits into each one.

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entiende tu miente podcast logo
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Entiende Tu Miente

Build your emotional intelligence while improving your Spanish with the help of three expert podcast hosts: a therapist, a life coach and a psychology student.

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el washington post podcast logo
Washington Post
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El Washington Post

Washington Post reporters stationed in Washington, D.C., Bogotá and Madrid report biweekly on global news stories from a multicultural perspective.

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la brega podcast logo
WNYC Studios
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La Brega

Through a mix of narrative storytelling and investigative journalism, this podcast paints a picture of Puerto Rican life on the island and here in the United States. Each podcast is recorded in both English and Spanish.

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doorway to mexico podcast logo
Doorway to Mexico
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Doorway to Mexico

Travel to Mexico with the Baxters as they explore local culture and immerse themselves in the Spanish language. Each podcast has a transcript, as well as a study guide, to help Spanish language learners develop their skills.

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podcast logo for nomadas
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Nómadas, produced by Spain’s national public radio station, is a travel show that takes listeners to a different part of the world every week and immerses them in the sounds, stories and voices of each destination.

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super mamás in best spanish latinx podcasts
Paulina and Bricia Lopez
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Super Mamás

If you're a new mom who is looking for the camaraderie of other new parents, Super Mamás hosts (and sisters) Paulina and Bricia Lopez can be your built-in mom friends. They invite guests like actress Eva Longoria or Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America editor-in-chief Karla Martínez de Salas to talk about all things parenthood.


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news in slow spanish in best spanish latinx podcasts
Linguistica 360
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News in Slow Spanish

When learning a new language, it’s best to go slow. Geared specifically toward adults, News in Slow Spanish starts with beginner episodes and then progressively gets more advanced. After each segment, you can read the transcripts in English online to test your interpretation skills.


radio duna puro cuento in best spanish latinx podcasts
Radio Duna
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Puro Cuento

If you love a good story time, try one in Spanish! Radio Duna’s Puro Cuento features a new Spanish-language tale each week, accompanied by beautiful classic music. A Christmas Carol, A Pocket Full of Kisses and other recognizable titles are among Puro Cuento's vast library. If you don’t know Spanish, you still know the story and can follow along with the books you may have at home.


latina to latina in best spanish latinx podcasts
Lantigua Williams & Co.
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Latina to Latina

Alicia Menendez, a journalist and MSNBC host, leads a series of interviews about "making it, faking it and everything in between." Recent guests have included Tiktok star Tefi Pessoa and Carolina Garcia, Director of Original Series at Netflix.


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in best spanish latinx podcasts
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Sesame en las Comunidades

Sesame en las Comunidades is the Spanish-language version of the Sesame in the Community podcast. Children will hear from all of their favorite Sesame Street characters as they cover a variety of topics, like school readiness and emotional well-being. The podcast is entirely in Spanish, but those at a beginner level can definitely follow along.


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latino usa in best spanish latinx podcasts
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Latino USA

NPR's Latino USA covers cultural, political and social topics surrounding the Latinx community. This includes everything from hard-news topics — like the state of American farmworkers or life at the border — to deep dives into mezcal production and the history of reggaetón.


contando cuentos in best spanish latinx podcasts
Cristina Astinza
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Contanda Cuentos

Contanda Cuentos, or "Telling Stories," does just that. Each podcast features a lively read-along of popular Spanish-language books. The episodes are beautifully narrated by kids and adults and even feature some surprise sound effects along the way.


brains on en español in best spanish latinx podcasts
American Public Media
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Brains On! en Español

This lively science-based podcast from American Public Media is perfect for curious kids and parents alike who already speak some Spanish. Each week, a child cohost helps answer scientific questions from listeners around the world.


beginner spanish with spanish obsessed
 in best spanish latinx podcasts
Spanish Obsessed
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Beginner Spanish with Spanish Obsessed

Learn a new Spanish verb along with practical phrases (like, "Where’s the bathroom?") each week with Spanish Obsessed. The show is hosted by an incredibly cute married duo — one is a native speaker and the other is just learning. The podcast itself is in English, so it’s perfect for adult beginners.


tres cuentos literary podcast in best spanish latinx podcasts
Carolina Quiroga-Stultz
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Tres Cuentos Literary Podcast

Tres Cuentos covers a variety of topics, including science, history, geography and culture all narrated by Latin American authors. Each podcast is available in both English and Spanish so you can get the best of both worlds. This one’s best for teens and adults.


yeah no, i’m not ok in best spanish latinx podcasts
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Yeah No, I’m Not OK

Podcast host and Orange Is the New Black star Diane Guerrero understands that young people of color are disproportionately affected by mental health issues, so she uses her podcast to get a conversation going. The focus is more on openness and honesty and less about advice.


eat your spanish a spanish learning podcast for kids and families in best spanish latinx podcasts
Evan Blum
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Eat Your Spanish

Filled with interactive games, sing-alongs, funny characters and engaging stories, Eat Your Spanish is a fun way to learn the language that will keep you coming back for more. Tip: It's important to start on their first podcast and continue in order (the lessons grow and build off each other).


allegro mágico in best spanish latinx podcasts
Claudia Ortiz
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Allegro Mágico

If you have a music lover in your house, the Allegro Mágico podcast is for you. Classical music composers, musical stories and famous pieces of classical music round out each week’s offerings. Recent episodes covered Mozart's "La Flauta Mágica" and the music from "El Lago de los Cisnes" (Swan Lake).


un dia en español in best spanish latinx podcasts
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Un Dia en Español

Each podcast, adults can follow a day in the life of a Spanish speaker using a mix of both English and Spanish. Check out the Spanish-only version of each podcast so you can test your depth of comprehension and track your progress.


in best spanish latinx podcasts
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Minuto y Medio de Paz

Short on time? Minuto y Medio de Paz offers a minute and a half of peace in the middle of your busy day. The podcast features 90-second breathing and relaxation techniques the whole family can do together.


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