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12 Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Space

Free up your floors by giving your clothes, toys, and nighttime essentials a home.

bedroom storage ideas
Mike Garten

When you put your head to the pillow at night, you want to be in your most relaxed state. The catch: It's hard to reach your zen when your bedroom feels — and looks — cluttered. With these space-saving bedroom storage ideas, you'll free up precious floor space while giving everything a designated spot. Even if you're working with an especially small space, these easy DIYs will help you find the best way to organize your clothes, shoes, kids' toys, linens, and other bedtime necessities. Once you figure out your pain points (messy nightstands, tiny closets, clothes scattered on the floor, and so on), browse through these chic-yet-functional nightstands, under the bed storage solutions, and more budget-friendly ideas for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Who knows, you might even get a better night's rest because of it.

bedroom storage ideas - hamper
Jonny Valiant
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Opt for a Decorative Hamper

Place a basket underneath an open bedside table to create an undercover drop for dirty laundry or throw pillows.


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bedroom storage ideas - bar cart
Mike Garten
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Transform a Bar Cart

Forget the champagne (just this once): Turn a metal bar cart into a space-saving nightstand. Store your nighttime essentials — sleep masks, pillow sprays, and blankets — on the lower shelfs, and reserve the top shelf for decor that'll calm the chaos.


bedroom storage ideas - bench
Jean Allsopp
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Place a Bench Near the Bed

If you have extra floor space, stick a wooden bench at the foot of your bed and style it with decorative accents or everyday must-haves. Go even further by placing baskets underneath to hold spare blankets, pillows, and linens.

bedroom storage ideas - ladder organizer
David Tsay
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Style a Ladder Organizer

More unique than a standard garment rack, this ladder organizer gives you more options to store clothes and accessories. Add shelves down below to store your most-worn shoes.

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bedroom storage ideas - nightstand
Joanie Boney
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Add a Floating Shelf

Rather than filling your small bedroom with clunky furniture, opt for a slim floating shelf to serve as your nightstand. But if you find yourself in need of extra storage, place a woven or metal basket underneath for a chic (yet highly functional) look.

bedroom storage ideas - cubbies
Mike Garten
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Organize Baskets by Number

For a stylish storage solution, label baskets and bins with numbers to help kids learn the best way to organize their toys, craft supplies, and books. An added bonus: They'll also come in handy when they learn basic math skills.

bedroom storage ideas - built in shelves
Stacey Brandford
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Build Out Your Headboard

Make a well-organized statement with your headboard by flanking the bed with shelves. Fill them with decorative storage boxes, books, and sentimental trinkets for added color.

bedroom storage ideas - wall vanity
Mike Garten
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Hang a Floating Vanity

Free up floor space by hanging a shelf with a trapdoor, perfect for hiding your most-used makeup and beauty products. Top with a mirror and pretty accessories for quick touch-ups.

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bedroom storage ideas - baskets
Gridley + Graves Photographers
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Keep Baskets in Sight

While some things are better left unseen, some storage is best when it's left out in the open (if done right, of course). Instead of covering up storage with a bed skirt, invest in decorative storage baskets that are pretty enough to be left on display.


bedroom storage ideas - open wardrobe
The Gem Picker
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Install a Closet Rod

Short on closet space? Hang a rod, shelf, and curtain on a blank wall to DIY a second wardrobe. When you want to keep your clothes and clutter out of sight, simply shut the curtain.

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bedroom storage ideas - toy built ins
Sunny Side Up
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Take Advantage of Window Seat Storage

It's not just about under bed storage: Add drawers to your window seat, so your kids can put their toys away on their own.

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bedroom storage ideas - hamper
Just a Girl and Her Blog
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Hide a Hamper

If you're considering upgrading your walk-in closet, add a built-in hamper, so you can keep your bedroom floor free of clothes, towels, and other linens.

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